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Little and Friday

Posted by gem, 24th April 2010


On a trip to Auckland recently I was treated to a visit at Little and Friday, a sweet little cafe in Takapuna.

I walked in and my eyes almost popped out of my head (no jokes). I thought I was in my version of cafe heaven. The lovely lady at the table must have picked up on my look of awe and amazement as she smiled and said 'Isn't it lovely', I commented on how restrained she was, sitting infront of those glorious cakes and not having a slice of each, they were almost too pretty to eat. Lovely lady pointed out the side cabinet and said that the merianges with raspberry and callebaut chocolate are a must have. I looked over and there they were all wrapped in pretty packaging alongside the chocolate chip biscuits wrapped in ribbons. The counter cabinet WAS a cabinet full of prettysweet-ness! Little cakes, lemon meriange pies, fudge, homemade savoury pies.

Good job to Little and Friday for being the prettiest and sweetest thing on my visit (apart from Kim and Hannah, but they come under the 'people' category). Lucky I don't live nearby or I would have to befriend a dentist and a personal trainer.

Little and Friday is open Wednesday-Sunday 8-4. 43C Eversliegh Road in Takapuna.

(Panorama!! ha!)

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