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Tales from Afar

Posted by mo, 26th July 2010

Hey Prettysweet friends,

Many many appologies for being so slack with the posts - Im travelling around the med but have been fiercely determined not to do any cliche tourist updates. Which has proved rather difficult!! As I know everyone grows tiresome of the typical colleseum, Roman ruins type pics. Although visiting the sites has been humbling, mind-blowing radi radi rah, I feel it would be more beneficial for our PST readers to offer my traveller tips based on my adventures thus far. So...;


1. Dont get drunk off cheap Croatian wine on a ferry with other tourists when you still have 15 hours left on the sea....

2. If you arrive at a guest house and the host is in his underwear and the son is naked, leave immediately to avoid an awkward, painfully weird few days.

3. To avoid embarrassment dont say you can speak Italian (when only a handful of words contribute to this claim) as it will only make you look the fool.

4. Always zip up your tent, despite 35degree weather and clear skies freak thunderstorms are inconveniently common and will leave you wet...everything wet; sleeping gear, underwear, toilet paper..well you get it. ZIP UP YOUR TENT

5. Dont travel with expendy sunnys...sigh

6. Never say no. Despite jet lag, being hungover or just plain lazy make sure you say yes and go see that ruin, have that drink or walk up that hill. As you might never get the chance to go again.

7. Nudist Beaches - Are less crowded and just as good! Despite it being mainly for the baby boomer generation.

8. Hire bikes-they are everywhere and always beats walking


Anywho, these are my tips thus far. I will continue to post on the treasures of the med that we all love and other sweet finds.

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