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The day I had the best pie of my life.

Posted by gem, 2nd September 2010
The day was Thursday.

It was cold and rainy.

I knew where I was going to have lunch, the same place I always go when I am in the Wairarapa.

Cafe Mirabelle in Carterton was the scene of the pie crime.

The pie was beef in redwine with mushrooms. It had pieces of smoked ham hock. The pastry was flakey and buttery, and had a little bit of crunch.

I am guiity of happily devouring that pie, and then... Read more
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Holy moley thats some tasty Yoghurt

Posted by gem, 27th July 2010
Okay, I know, it's wierd that I am writing about Yoghurt. It is wierd now, but when you go out and try it you will totally understand.

I was introduced to this yogurt through a man called Marcel, who works at Wainui Store just outside of Gisborne. He told me of it's delicous powers and how I would get addicted. I am not such a bit yoghurt fan, so I was very weary that these magical... Read more
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Wellington on a Plate

Posted by gem, 13th July 2010

FOOD! I remember writing about Wellington on a Plate last year (the inaugural year) and being pretty excited about it at the time, as well as being excited for the prospects for future festival years. Last year they had 44 restuarants and cafes, and this year there are around 90 participating.

Yesterday I looked through the 45 page book of all the awesome things people are doing for it this year. My... Read more
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