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Sweet New Zealand - Delicate Marshmallow

Posted by mo, 21st May 2012
These sweet little pillows of joy are like eating tasty air. I have been to two cake events this week where marshmallow proved to be the star of the show.  So light that you merely need to inhale and POOF..gone! Read more
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Beautiful Beet Cake Vimeo

Posted by gem, 8th November 2011
I love everything about this.

I love the jars.

I love the spoons.

I love the writing.

I love watching the chocolate melt.

I love the music.

This is dedicated to my lovely love friendy-pie Ms Kelly Chapman for being just as beautiful as this Vimeo. Thanks for cheering me up lovely love friendy-pie. x


beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

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Mint Aero Cake

Posted by mo, 29th October 2011




Chocolate Mint Aero CakeThis doesn't necessarily have to be a celebration cake. It was just the case for me as it was my boyfriend's birthday. He loved it, the guests enjoyed it and it looked rather pretty. Success! Devils Food Cake1 1/2 cups of Soft Brown Sugar1/3 cup Cocoa Read more
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