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Wu-Tang meets Ponies

Posted by gem, 11th May 2012

I love the people who did this. It's like my love of ponies has been beaten into my love of rap and baked in the video oven. This is the video cake that came out of that combination. A delicious My Little Pony Wu-Tang Clan Cake.Beware: These little ponies use explicit language.  

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Make your Mum Smile this Sunday

Posted by mo, 9th May 2012
The best home-made gifts for your Mum this Sunday This is the second year in a row that I have been away for Mother's Day (sorry year!). So here are a couple of gift ideas that your Mum would really love and are easy to package up and post (for us absent daughters). Much better than some impersonal... Read more
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Once upon a time there was a dress named...

Posted by gem, 15th November 2011

Betty has a red petticoat underneath the skirt which make her puff out a little from the waist. She also hugs me in the waist, not too tight, just enough to be flattering.She is named after Betty Draper from Mad Men. That is her on the bottom. Oh what was that? yes..I know the photo on top is funny, but there was no... Read more
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