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Happy International Friendship Month

Posted by mo, 1st February 2010
February is international friendship month, here are some pics in tribute to our prettysweet friends xx

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Posted by mo, 24th October 2009
Andy, Anaru or Andrew Steel (strictly speaking) is a close friend of ours here at prettysweet. His quirky clothing creations are analogous to his eccentric immgination. BLOK inc is supplied in stores like seasons, slick willys and other sweet shops around nz (as well as being available to order on his website). His tees are for both the men and the ladies and his latest range 'Lighten Up' includes simple shaded symbols as well as... Read more
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Electric Wire Hustle (rs)

Posted by gem, 15th October 2009

Hustle, to move energetically or rapidly. Sounds dangerous to do with an Electric Wire. But our pretty sweet friends that are the boys behind the music do it with steaze (thats style with ease, it's a jordifin, see making up words in previous blog post)

Not only are these boys super talented, but they are also awesome! We were lucky enough to have Mara TK singing to sandwiches in the cafe...and I'm sure they were... Read more
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