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Playlist for your Partay

Posted by mo, 11th May 2012
Got a partay or a few friends to entertain this weekend? Here is the perfect playlist, courtesy of MawXO. 


mix below, warning may contain some gangsta


Mix01 - april 2012 by Mawxo on ... Read more
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Once upon a time there was a dress named...

Posted by gem, 15th November 2011

Betty has a red petticoat underneath the skirt which make her puff out a little from the waist. She also hugs me in the waist, not too tight, just enough to be flattering.She is named after Betty Draper from Mad Men. That is her on the bottom. Oh what was that? yes..I know the photo on top is funny, but there was no... Read more
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Little People - really little people.

Posted by gem, 28th October 2011
You know how sometimes you get caught up in your own little fantasy land? For me it is generally a chain reaction that ends up in this giant unrealistic story that I can fully visualise in my head. It may make more sense if I give you an example.

I was walking to work yesterday. It had been raining, and there was this little snail, scooting down the middle of the footpath. I got worried about... Read more
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