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Playlist for your Partay

Posted by mo, 11th May 2012
Got a partay or a few friends to entertain this weekend? Here is the perfect playlist, courtesy of MawXO. 


mix below, warning may contain some gangsta


Mix01 - april 2012 by Mawxo on ... Read more
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Wu-Tang meets Ponies

Posted by gem, 11th May 2012

I love the people who did this. It's like my love of ponies has been beaten into my love of rap and baked in the video oven. This is the video cake that came out of that combination. A delicious My Little Pony Wu-Tang Clan Cake.Beware: These little ponies use explicit language.  

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Stag & Dagger Music Fest

Posted by mo, 16th May 2011

Keeping with the trend of music for the last couple of posts I am going to give a tell-all about the upcoming 1 day festival Stag‡ 

Where - Londontown & Glasgow When - 19th May & 21st May respectively Who -  Admiral Fallow     ... Read more
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