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Break the Fast with Cinnamon Rolls

Posted by mo, 25th February 2012
Morena Prettysweet friends.  It's a slow Saturday morning and I feel like something sweet and homely to help break the fast. Usually I would get a delicious buttery pastry from down the road or I rock-paper-scissors with my boyfriend in a bid to get out of the walk...I often win :p This morning, however, I was feeling particularly kind and decided to make some sugary treats of my own. The result was these Cinnamon Rolls - they... Read more
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February Bake Club - Patisserie

Posted by mo, 23rd February 2012
  The theme for this month's Bake Club was by far the most challenging thus far. But I was feeling ambitious, so I settled on making chocolate raspberry macaroons. Now, I have seen the peps on the Great British Bake-Off making these Frenchy treats - so I knew what I was in for. With my... Read more
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Put some booty on your booty Peanut Butter Pie

Posted by gem, 28th October 2011
I know our obesity levels are bad, but spare a thought for the USA. Theirs are worse, and no fricken wonder! when they have these glorious cream filled pies being served up at diners everywhere.

I am sharing with you a magical recipe. People will fall in love with you when you make this, but don't make it too often or you may cause someone to love you so much that they have a heartattack (if... Read more
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