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Sweet New Zealand - Delicate Marshmallow

Posted by mo, 21st May 2012
These sweet little pillows of joy are like eating tasty air. I have been to two cake events this week where marshmallow proved to be the star of the show.  So light that you merely need to inhale and POOF..gone! Read more
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Cinnamon Bun Fun

Posted by gem, 7th December 2009
When I was in Canada I got fat from all the Cinnamon Buns I got from Cinnabon, which is a chain of Cinnamon Bun Stores that run over the US too. Cinnamon Buns everywhere! Some with Caramel, some with Pecans, mini ones, ones made in stick form so you could dip them into your drinks. Opportunities were endless.

On my search last night for Christmas baking treats this popped up!? I have never thought of them... Read more
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